Friday, March 13, 2015

Detour ahead

I'm new to this blogging movement. So, I decide to take part in the whole idea of blogging and get my own blog, I make one post and the next day, guess what happens? I get sick. We are not talking a cold or virus, something little, I'm talking kidney infection, knock you on your butt, smack you upside the head, sick! Does that ever happen to you? You decide to take up a new sport or hobby and you get laid out? Do you freak out? Or do you take it with a grain of salt? Do you enjoy the scenery on the detour? 

I ask these questions because I think we all get hit with detours everyday in some way. Those orange barrels on the way home from work sitting in 5 o'clock traffic, that trip we were going to make got postponed due to bad weather, you just got into a fender bender and now your going to miss that long awaited appointment for that once in a lifetime job opportunity, the list goes on. So, when we git hit with setbacks and detours and roadblocks, what do we do? Have a temper tantrum that things didn't go our way, or sit back and reflect that maybe this happened for a reason? Okay, I'm not saying illness happens to you for good, that's not what I'm saying, I'm saying that maybe it held you back from getting in your car and prevented you from an ill-fated car accident, that's what I'm saying. Who are you to say otherwise? Who am I to say otherwise? There is always a bigger picture and I think we should be grateful for the detours in the grand scheme of things instead of being angry or upset by them. Now I'm not some happy go lucky, everything always works out for the best kind of gal either. Bad things happen to good people and vice versa. Yeah, that just sucks. But I prefer to stop and smell the roses when I run into that detour, rather than to be angry about every little thing that goes wrong. Isn't it better and more practical to just try to see a better side of things than to constantly have a pity party about every little thing that goes wrong? 


There is beauty in the detour, look around, open your heart to what's around you. I don't know if it's age, but I do know that life use to pass by so quickly and I was that person who use to feel slighted by the detours and let them frustrate me.  Then one day, my heart opened to the beauty that was there. Nature, people, life. It was all right there and I didn't stop to look up and take it in. It really is beautiful. There is a saying that hangs in my bathroom, of all places."God's gift to you is life, your gift to him is what you do with that life". I would say that I want to honor and bless Him by loving Him and His Son and loving others and enjoying this life that He has given me. There is beauty in this life. We can focus on the ugly and evil around us, or we can focus on the beauty. I choose the beauty in the detour.

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