Wednesday, April 8, 2015


DISCLOSURES and Medical Disclaimer

All content of MY blog is protected under Copyright law.  Any unauthorized copying and/or reproduction of material is prohibited without express written/email permission from myself.

This blog is intended to give honest and detailed information from an unbiased opinion.

Some of my reviews are purchases bought with my own money, these will be stated expressly.
My reviews are based on my experience with products and therein will lie my opinion. Individual use and opinion is different and vary according to each persons personality and perspective as well as possible allergy to a certain product. Take into account age and health and opinions vary greatly. I may like or not like a product, but my opinion is solely based on my personal interaction with said product.  This being said, I am not liable for your liking or not liking a product or even an allergy reaction to a product, you try products at your own risk as I am giving a personal opinion only and am not a health professional and do not claim to be. If you have concerns before trying a product, contact a professional of your own choosing as I will not be liable for my own opinion. Common sense says to read all labels before trying any product, check all ingredients. Check representation about a product or service found on this blog and verify for your own peace of mind with the manufacturer or provider. I do not represent any manufacturer or provider, I am only giving a personal unbiased opinion and have no relationship with the companies.


Any product with an affiliate link will be expressly stated that the product was a PROMO product or product of review and not purchased by me.

 All reviews of products are MY OWN opinion.  Opinions are unbiased and Blogger is not related to anyone that she gives reviews for to keep her opinions fair and balanced. Blogger intends to keep under the rules and guidelines for each individual posting relating to the FTC rules and guidelines accordingly.

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