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Vita Sciences Maxasorb B12 Cream Review "Sponsered Post" "Powered by BrandBacker"

*Disclosure: I am not affiliated, related or associated with Vita Sciences in any way. I have only received a free product sample to give a 100% unbiased opinion. My opinions are my own and are based on my experience with the product alone.*

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a complimentary 1.7 oz pump bottle of Vita Sciences Maxasorb B12 Cream. It's a light, smooth, creamy, pink colored cream that smells lightly of mint and absorbs instantly. It is noted that each application has 320 micrograms of Vitamin B12, 120 micrograms of Vitamin B3 and 10 micrograms of Folate. I noticed right away upon opening the box that this product is PARABEN FREE. If you know about Parabens, you know this is great that they care about their customers to make this a Paraben free product. I'm very happy to see this.

If you're anywhere near my age, as I've mentioned before, I'm turning 50 this year and have had labs recently that revealed low B and D levels. On a daily basis, I feel as if I run on empty. I have tried so many things to help alleviate this issue, but nothing seems to help. Literally NOTHING! When I received this product in the mail, I didn't have the opportunity to open it the first day because my youngest daughter and grandson were very sick. Her little family came to spend the night with us, while me and my husband took care of our grandson that night. We didn't get a lot of sleep, adding to my already low level of energy. Feeling complete exhaustion the next day, I reached for the Vita Sciences Maxasorb B12 and rubbed it into my skin. I could actually feel it stimulating through my veins. I am not exaggerating here, I'm very sensitive to things and I could feel it. Let me explain it this way. Have you ever been really hungry and sat down to eat a meal and you could feel the nutrients hit your body? That's what it felt like! I could feel it. Within just a few minutes I had increased energy. Because I didn't expect it, having tried so many things in the past and all of it had let me down and failed me before, this was actually quite shocking to me. Now, I wasn't ready to go run a marathon or anything and it didn't make my heart race, but it gave me enough energy after that long night with our grandson, that I didn't even need to nap!

I tried the product again the next day and although I wasn't as fatigued, it didn't quite hit me the same, it did give me the same energy as before. I was pleasantly surprised and knew that I had found an answer to my low energy levels after these past few years of searching.

B12 does so much for our bodies, especially as we age. I found this list and thought it might an interesting read.

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This will be going on my list of "must haves" as I have felt the results and I know what they have done for me. Going forward it will be part of my daily vitamin regimen for health and energy. 

I would like to add that this past week, our entire family fought a horrible flu. I missed a couple of days of using the product but as soon as I felt well enough again and used it, my energy spiked right back up. I noticed the difference between me and my husband who was still unable to do much of anything, still suffering from the fatigue of the flu. It even gave me an extra boost to do a little extra, that even he wasn't able to do, which is not the norm in our house. This really speaks volumes to me.

If you are have had your labs done recently and your low in B or your nearing 50 and just need a boost, I highly recommend that you check this product out. I cannot say enough good things about this product. 


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    1. Thank you for the input, this is a very interesting study.


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