Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eyelash Curler by Mia Adora #Amazon #Tomoson

I had been looking at eyelash curlers for the past few years wondering if I really needed one. I have a secret to tell you, I had a horrifying experience with one several years ago in my early twenties. I was curling my eyelashes and was startled and ripped all of my eyelashes off of my eyelid! It was horrifying! I looked crazy! I had to buy false eyelashes and wear them for weeks because of the nightmare that I had created. I had not used an eyelash curler since!

However, as we age, many things happen to our bodies. One thing is that our eyelashes decrease and aren't as noticeable. They need a little bit of help. I think I learned my lesson from my younger years and won't be ripping my eyelashes out again, at least if I can help it! So, as apprehensive as I was to try this product out, I was glad that I did. It is very gentle on my eyelashes and did a great job. It makes my eyelashes more noticeable and really helps make them more obvious now when I apply mascara. I'm happy that I overcame my fear and went for it!

What's really nice about this eyelash curler is that it has replaceable grips for the handle and a replaceable grip where it grabs your eyelash. It's very feminine looking also with the pink eyelash grip and it's very gentle when it grabs your eyelashes. I was thankful for that. For someone like me, that was very important.  I like that it has replaceable grips because after time bacteria can build up. Very thoughtful of them.

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