Friday, May 22, 2015

Ultimitt - The Ultimate Tanning Applicator Mitt By Thermalabs #Tomoson #Amazon

This tanning mitt is so incredibly soft and plush and such a wonderful idea! For someone like me who has an auto-immune disorder and cannot stand direct sunlight for very long without getting incredibly sick, my only option for tanning is self tanners. The two biggest problems that I've found is streaking and orange hands. This mitt helps the lotion go on evenly and without the streaking issue and no more orange hands. What a wonderful idea for people like me who are unable to tan! I'm really over the moon for this product because so often, people like us don't get thought of. I'm sure this invention wasn't really with us in mind, but the fact that it helps people like us so much just warms my heart a bit. I wish more companies would consider people who are limited in some capacity when creating products.

The mitt also comes with a smaller mitt for your face, but I don't use tanning product on my face, however, the fact that they thought of that as well just gives them more bonus points. It also comes with it's own carrying bag for people like me who travel so when you put it in your suitcase it doesn't stain your clothes. They really have thought of it all! It's machine washable as well.

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*I received this product at discount for an unbiased, honest and fair review*

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