Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Credit Card Protector BLOCKIT RFID Blocking Sleeve by BLOCKIT RFID Products, Inc #amazon #tomoson

I have the blue flower and sunflower RFID blocking sleeves, there are 6 designs to choose from and after having my personal information stolen from my debit card and never figuring out how it was done, I am thrilled to have these! There is so much technology available now and it's available to thieves. So why not have something to protect us, from them? I have two sleeves, one for my debit card and one for my high limit credit card, that's all I need. Now when I shop or travel, I don't worry about anyone stealing my debit or credit card information because I feel secure. This is really a great idea and I'm thankful that someone thought to make this especially after what I had to go through from a thief!

If you have a college student just starting out and establishing credit, do them a favor and buy them some of these sleeves. They love to linger in these coffee house where many of these identity thieves love to linger as well. So protect your loved ones and buy them some identity protection which will save them a huge headache later on.

* I received this product free for review to give my unbiased, honest and fair opinion.*

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  1. Very nice review. Thank you. I also have a college student. She is starting her 2nd year and I am definitely sending her off with lots of Blockit's, lol. Seriously though, great idea.


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