Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Eco friendly Silicone Mat by Perennial Essentials #amazon #giveawayservice


I was so happy to get these small but handy cutting mats. The old, big and heavy plastic cutting boards that I have are stained and so hard to clean, I'm throwing them out into the trash! These Silicone mats come in a set of 4 color codes, each with an icon representing a type of food:
• red - meat
• yellow - fuit
• blue - fish
• green - vegetable

I am in the kitchen on a daily basis cutting fruit, vegetables and meat. These little mats have made my life so much easier due to clean up and ease of use! You have no idea what a pain it is to use a big, bulky cutting board and then wonder if you have really cleaned it good enough erasing all of the bacteria from meat or fish before you use it again when you cut fruit the next time. The fact that these little mats are coded take that question away because you always know which mat is for what. 

These little mats would make a wonderful housewarming gift or a great gift for that person who simply loves to cook!

*I received this product at discount for review to give my unbiased, honest and fair opinion.*

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