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I stumbled across a wonderful website that I think every parent and GodParent should know about. GodFatherBaptismGifts.com They personalize baptism gifts such as: Single sets ie: Whiskey shot glasses, Champagne glasses, Tall Wine Glasses, Martini Glasses, One Pint Beer Glass, Coffee Mugs, Travel Mugs, or you can get Mixed Sets of the same. Also, they carry a beautiful Godfather Cigar Humidor with Gold inlay, which I think this makes an incredible gift for that special Godfather! These are special gifts that you just can't find anywhere, they are personalized with English, Philippine or Italian versions. They are for both Godfather and Godmother respectively. I ordered a travel mug and it's a quality travel mug with a beautiful design and print. I chose this design as a gift for my son in law as a Father's day gift because he is so in love with his Goddaughter who is also his niece. He will be so incredibly happy to receive this as a gift for Father's day. I think this is not only a great idea to give for Baptism gifts, but for Father's day and even Mother's day for those special people who you have chosen to be your Godparents. In my case, my son in law is not the Godparent of my child, but I know how incredibly special his niece is to him, who is also his Godchild, and so I chose this as his Father's day gift because this will be very special. Godparents have a special job. A godparent should be a person of deep faith, prayer, and spirituality, according to a consensus of readers. A large number also cited the importance of being an active Catholic, though others put the ability to "walk the talk" above institutional commitment. Other desirable qualities for godparents include a sincere interest in the child, good listening skills, nonjudgmental acceptance, stability, high moral character, and a capacity for being a role model. It helps if they have a good understanding of the sacrament of baptism. So to have a lasting momento or gift for a Godparent only adds to the role that this person is playing in this child's life. Remembering this person is reminding them about who they are to this child and the commitment that they have made. These beautiful monogrammed gifts are perfect for this reminder and I am so delighted that a company has come along for just this occasion. Here are a few wonderful photos for you to browse through:

Here are the travel mugs as you can see these are quality mugs, which is what I received, they are great quality mugs and the print if beautiful! 

If you are looking for that perfect gift for your Godparents or that person who simply loves their Godchild, this is the website that you are looking for. 

Here is the link for your shopping needs: http://godfatherbaptismgifts.com/

They are a small owned company that gives personal attention to their customers and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and commitment to their business and customers.

*I received this product free for review to give an unbiased, honest and fair opinion.*

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