Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Premium Comfort Snoring Jaw Strap -2nd Gen Model by American Snoring #Amazon #Tomoson

I got this premium comfort stop snoring jaw strap for my husband, he has been keeping me awake at night for the past few years with his incredibly LOUD snoring. He wasn't very fond of the idea, but it's either that, or we sleep in separate rooms and that's not a good idea. We have tried so many things from the nose strips to the mouth aides and nothing has helped him. He doesn't want surgery, so this was all that was left. He really doesn't like sleeping with anything on his face, but it has really toned down his snoring and helped me get some sleep. Yes, there is an escaped noise here and there but nothing like the freight train noise before.  It's more like a muffled whistle. 

I would love to post a pic with him wearing it but I don't think he would like that very much. It is padded and comfy.  It's either wear the chin strap or we start sleeping in other beds and I don't want that, neither does he. But I seriously cannot sleep with his loud and constant snoring any longer. 

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*I received this product free for review to give my unbiased, honest and fair opinion.*

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