Sunday, June 21, 2015

Turmerex Tumeric Curcumin Capsules with Bioperine by Vitavana #Amazon #Tomoson

Turmerex is a really good product in theory and I have noticed some improvement in the inflammation in my body that I have been struggling with lately, however, if I had my choice I would remove the Bioperene which is the black pepper additive. It is pretty hard on my stomach and makes it kind of burn. I really need help with the inflammation because I have several compressed discs in my spine and severe inflammation surrounding them as well as an auto-immune disorder contributing to this problem, however, I'm having to take an antacid to use the Turmerex to help with this issue. Although my stomach is less of an issue for me, I hope at some point that I have the option to have this without the black pepper, I would be thrilled!

For now I will take it only when I need it most and take an antacid to offset the black pepper aka Bioperene. 
It still is one of the strongest forms of Tumeric that I have found so far and really does work for me.

#Vitavana #Tomoson #Amazon #Gotitfree

*I received this product free for review to give my unbiased, honest and fair review.*

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