Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Travel Neck Pillow by Enzo


This is the best Travel Neck Pillow that I have ever owned, hands down! My husband laughed when this arrived and told me that I had too many neck pillows, but now that I have this one, I don't need the other ones. This is so comfortable that I could probably sleep with it at night! The memory foam is unlike any other and the shape and contour of the pillow gives perfect head and neck support. I have had whiplash 3 times and suffer with terrible neck pain quite often and my husband loves long road trips. This neck pillow is going to be a life saver for me. The gel insert that has the cooling release will be great for those moments when I feel a headache coming on, I like a cool touch on my neck because it seems stress settles there. The pillow comes with a travel bag so if you want to take it to the airport with you, it folds into the bag so you don't have to worry about it getting dirty from carrying it with you from place to place. 

There is even a small snap here on this photo if you want to snap it closed around your neck for a snug comfort fit so it doesn't slip away while your napping. 

This is a wonderful gift idea for a friend or family member who travels often or has neck issues. 

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*I received this product free for review to give an unbiased, honest and fair opinion.*

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beautiful Hand Painted Wine Glasses Set of 2 by Valentina Paris

These Beautiful Hand Painted Wine glasses are bigger than what I expected. It made me think of that TV show "Cougar Town" where Courtney Cox has these incredibly large wine glasses that she names. She would love these glasses! The artistic impression that is on the glass just draws your eye almost constantly to the glass while you are sipping your wine. It's such a beautiful conversation piece and really a beautiful display piece. No need to keep refiling a glass, this glass holds what one regular glass does. My husband even loves these glasses, he thinks they are "cool". I think this is a great gift idea for an engagement gift or newly married couple or even a milestone anniversary present.

The glasses were made in Paris and are my favorite wine glasses thus far. I am a big collector of wine glasses, it's my weakness. If I see a beautiful wine glass, I need a set of them. I actually have big, beautiful wooden shelves to display my weakness. However, I have never come across anything so strikingly beautiful or so big! The size of the glass helps make a statement. I'm very pleased to add these to my collection.

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*I received these at discount for review to give an unbiased, honest and fair review.*

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dark Spot Corrector from Belle Peau Beauty

I have been using this dark spot corrector for about 2 weeks now and took before and after pics to see if it really works. I'm a skeptic to the claims of such products and so I want to see if they really work. I don't have many dark spots on my face, mostly my arms which really give away your age. I used the product on both my face and arms and after 2 weeks, there is an improvement, it has definitely faded them. I think after another 2 weeks, it's going to be even more dramatic and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm very pleased that the product also is 98% natural and Paraben free, that is very important to me as I don't want the un-needed chemicals in my body via my skin. There isn't much of a scent to the product, it's a clear thin liquid like gel, rubs in easily with no after greasy feel.

It has an easy to use pump that gives you the right amount of product so there is not waste. The product is 

Hydroquinone Free With Hyaluronic, Glycolic & Kojic Acid 

this is what reduces the appearance of the dark spots and hydroquinone is an agent that has been known to cause cancer based on ASDS reports here: http://asdsa.asds.net/m/position/Hydroquinone/

I like companies that take care and consideration going into the making of their products and this one clearly does just that.

*I received this product free for review to give and unbiased, honest and fair review.*

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Monday, July 13, 2015

EZ-Lid Silicone Lids and Food Covers by Pratico Kitchen

I can't tell you how many times that I have needed something EXACTLY like this! I have family get togethers quite often and I make large quantities of food and love to use my big stoneware bowls, they are my favorite and are beautiful bowls. The only problem is that saran wrap and foil really doesn't stay on them very well. These EZ Silicone Lid food covers were the perfect solutions for that. The smaller one is perfect for when I make my guacamole in my pretty Mexican designer bowl so that it doesn't turn brown like avocados do from air. This keeps it fresh and ready to serve in the fridge until my guests arrive. They are durable, easy to clean and easy to store. 

The lids are versatile in that you can use them to cover your food to microwave and you won't have to clean your microwave from food popping all over. If you think about it, it's a money saver if you take the opportunity to heat some left overs or use left overs to make another dish the next evening. Keep these stored near your microwave so your family has no excuse not to use them. 

*I received this product free for review to give my unbiased, honest and fair review.*

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Light Up Charging Cable Luminescent Visible LED Lightning to USB Cable 3.28ft by MobileEsprit.com

This is a very cool charging cord, aside from a glitch it has. It's an actual Light Up Charging Cable that not only does the cord light up, but the plug ins light up as well. If you ever thought your cords went out on you and weren't sure, well here is a sure fire way to know! I know that has happened to me and I have left my phone charging only to come back later and nothing! I love the blue, and I know they have these in a couple of colors but I hope they put them out in a few more. It would be great to have them in team colors, like for football! The cord itself works great and I didn't have any problems plugging it into my adapter or my phone, which is an iphone5c and it seems they rarely have anything for it now yet, it fit perfectly.

This cord works with iphone 6/6plus, iphone 5/5s/5c, ipad retina display, ipad mini, ipad mini 2, ipad mini 3, ipad Air 2, ipad Nano 7th Gen, ipod Touch 5th Gen. Compatible with ios 8. 

I didn't realize that the cord changed colors because mine only lights up about 1/4 of the way on the cord. It was the plugs that clued me in. 

It still charges but I was a bit disappointed that the cord didn't fully light up.

I think pre-teens and teens would love this, it's cool techy gadget. It just needs some tweaking to make sure the cord fully lights up.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

White Door Stopper Wedge - 5 Pack by Baltic Living

My house is 10 years old and has had some settling in that time. I have a laundry room door that I come in when I unload my groceries through the garage.  When we come through the laundry room, there is a second door that always shuts on us and it makes things so difficult when your hands are full of groceries. It's bad enough to try to open the first garage door to enter, but then the next door always slams shut because of air pressure inside the home either from the air conditioner being on in the summer or from the furnace running in the winter. These White Door Stopper Wedges have just made life so much easier for us! Such a little thing can make a big difference in a person's life and make someone so grateful. I always say it's the little things in life that make a big difference!  I have back issues and so trying to open one door is bad enough, but two doors is frustrating. These are literal back savers for me!

I think the fact that these come in a 5 pack are awesome! This is the perfect amount. I have spread these throughout the house near the doors that I need them most. If you know someone who has back issues or is moving soon and needs to prop a door for the movers, this would be a wonderful gift idea for them.

*I received this product at discount for review to give my unbiased, honest and fair opinion.*

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Rid-Tech Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Repells Rodents and Insects by Rid-Tech #amazon #tomoson

I was always skeptical about these Electronic Pest repellers, but now that I have tried this Rid-Tech Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, I can truly say that it works! I have had mine plugged in for several days and we had a really bad ant problem. Since plugging this in, I have not seem one single ant! I am so amazed at this device that I am going to be telling my whole family about it. I prefer something like this over harmful chemicals, especially since we have dogs and a cat in our house. I was paying to get my house sprayed once a month at $38 and now I'm thinking I can use that money towards something else. This has become a real money saver for us!

Up to this point we have had this unit plugged in for a few weeks now. In the heat of summer we usually see a lot of ants that break in from outdoors and some spiders. So far this is working great! I really am impressed with how wonderful it is working. If you are not a fan of insects and don't want to pay high pest control prices each month, this might be something worth looking into. Also it will help to avoid chemicals in your home. 

*I received this product free for review to give my unbiased, honest and fair opinion.*

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Magnetic Baby Safety Locks - Baby Proof & Easy Install by Purple Safety #amazon #tomoson

A few years ago a good friend of mine had something similar to these and I thought what a fantastic idea! When I came across Magnetic Baby Safety Locks I knew we had to have them for our grandson. He has just started to walk and is into everything! He is a little ninja! You can't turn your back for one second and that fast moving baby is halfway across the room and grabbing a picture or something that he shouldn't because he can climb or open something that he shouldn't. I immediately had my husband install these baby safety locks which were very simple to do and we just put the magnetic "key" in a nearby drawer and now our chemical cleaners and soaps are all tucked away safely from curious hands. I have another cabinet full of china that he no longer has access to as well. The little things in life make such a big difference, I'm so grateful.

If you have a baby or toddler who is crawling or walking and already getting into things in your house and your worried about them getting into those cabinets that have things that could be toxic to them, these are a great headache saver for you. Simple to install and no more worrying about baby or grandbaby getting into something that he/she shouldn't. 

*I received this product at discount for review to give an unbiased, honest and fair review.*

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