Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beautiful Hand Painted Wine Glasses Set of 2 by Valentina Paris

These Beautiful Hand Painted Wine glasses are bigger than what I expected. It made me think of that TV show "Cougar Town" where Courtney Cox has these incredibly large wine glasses that she names. She would love these glasses! The artistic impression that is on the glass just draws your eye almost constantly to the glass while you are sipping your wine. It's such a beautiful conversation piece and really a beautiful display piece. No need to keep refiling a glass, this glass holds what one regular glass does. My husband even loves these glasses, he thinks they are "cool". I think this is a great gift idea for an engagement gift or newly married couple or even a milestone anniversary present.

The glasses were made in Paris and are my favorite wine glasses thus far. I am a big collector of wine glasses, it's my weakness. If I see a beautiful wine glass, I need a set of them. I actually have big, beautiful wooden shelves to display my weakness. However, I have never come across anything so strikingly beautiful or so big! The size of the glass helps make a statement. I'm very pleased to add these to my collection.

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*I received these at discount for review to give an unbiased, honest and fair review.*

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