Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#1 Rated Patented Sleep Mask - Premium Quality Eye Mask with Contoured Shape by Nidra

I am a severe migraine sufferer and one thing that I cannot endure during a migraine attack is light. My room doesn't become dark enough during this time and my poor husband has tried hanging dark sheets on my windows to help me but it still isn't enough. I have had to resort to laying in our closet. This sleep mask blocks out ALL LIGHT! It's soft and doesn't press on my temple are or compress my head in anyway that would cause me more pain during times of migraine. The mask itself is very soft and it actually elevates away from your eyeballs. I have beginning stages of glaucoma and I already feel pressure sometimes in my eyes and pain so the last thing that I want is something resting on my eyes that most sleep masks do. This one does not. It's actually everything that I was looking for in a sleep/migraine mask!

I was given this product free as a promotional item from Nidra to test and review and give my unbiased, honest and fair opinion and I'm so grateful to have received this!

Here is the link to check out this sleep mask for yourself!

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