Friday, October 23, 2015

Mattwill Dual USB Car Charger 2.1a/1a USB Car Charger by Mattwill

Really a well thought out product, many times you get the dual port plug in and only one cord, with this you get two cords and they both worked great! I like that they aren't too long hanging everywhere and getting in the way, after all, these are car chargers, not something that is being plugged into the wall where you might need extra cord length. Also, the plug in fit nice and snug, it didn't wiggle around and come loose, you knew your phone was being charged and didn't have to keep checking the plug, I appreciate that. It's great that you can use it for your phone or iPad (but you do need your own cord which isn't a problem), makes it nice when traveling and you have younger kids or teens. I know my young adult children lose cords all of the time, this is a great to have as back up for travel.

* I received this product at a promotional discount to test and review and give my unbiased, honest and fair opinion.*

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