Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Shiatsu Back/Neck Massager w/ Heat By LiBa

Oh you don't even know, there aren't enough words for how amazing this Shiatsu back/neck massager is! I have 6 compressed discs in my spine, the 2 that are in my neck are the ones that give me chronic problems. There is a muscle that runs along the right side of my neck that stays constantly inflamed and gives me chronic earaches. I try to have my poor husband rub this muscle out but he has bad shoulders that need surgery, so I'm kind of on my own here. Well not now! I plugged the Shiatsu in the minute it arrived and put it on my neck and sat until my earache went away!! I used it again before bed because I had company, otherwise I would have used it several times during the day. This is going to be an absolute lifesaver for me when it comes to my pain. I was spending $35 for 30 minutes at the mall to have my neck rubbed, plus tip. At least once or twice a week when I just couldn't stand the pain any longer. This is going to save me a LOT of money. The fact that it already got rid of my earache in just one sitting within about 15-20 minutes assures me that this is all I need for my pain relief and so I can start being able to function and having what I call a "normal" life. Life is about quality and something that provides us quality of life is priceless.

This is something that I'm just so grateful came along because paying for massage or having my husband rub my concrete hard neck isn't always a possibility. I can run this thing for as long as I need and it's little fingers don't give up on me!

*I received this product at a promotional discount from LiBa to test and review the product and leave my 100% unbiased, honest and fair opinion.*
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  2. I really, really love this back neck massager. I bought it for chronic headaches - presumably tension headaches. While this hasn't completely cured them, it really does help me relax and feel better at least for the time that I'm using it.

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