Monday, November 30, 2015

Car Air Purifier- Wooden Solar Air Purifiers Cleaner with Hepa Filter, Catalytic Activated Carbon Ionizer Oxygen Bar for Car And Indoor

This is very stylish wit hthe wood grain and does a beautiful job of cleaning the air inside of the car. I use the recirc vent on my car but still, I can smell the outside air, especially if I'm parked at a light and someone is smoking a cigarette in the car next to me. This filters all of that and because I keep it directly below my vents I don't smell anything! I keep the fan on high which really doesn't have a loud humming, it's still very quiet even on high and the low setting is almost neglible. It's very simple to set up and all of the parts are provided. Plug in adapter and cord which simply plugs directly into the back of the machine. A blue light turns on and you push once for high fan, again for low fan. We have many summers where we get air quality weather warnings due to local fires in the surrounding areas, many are told to stay inside if they have lung conditions. I have mild asthma but when these fires start up, I need to use my inhaler and I'm hoping this will help me avoid that altogether. We also travel a lot and love California and their air quality is some of the poorest in our Nation. This will really help when we make our yearly trips there.

I received this as a sample to give my honest and fair opinion.

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Large Luxury Insulated Cooler Bag Lunch Box. Heavy Duty Premium Polyester, High Density Insulation and Leakproof Liner. Lunch Bag, Backpack Cooler

This is something that you would find at Sam's Club or Costco, it's a quality Insulated Cooler Bag from the pull tags on the zippers to the cushioned handles and strap down to every little pocket and mesh liner for stashing snacks and treats or even things you don't want getting wet but just need another pocket for a phone or id. I mean everything was thought of in this bag. I wanted to see how much I could fit in the main compartment and actually was able to fit a quart of milk and zip it up! You can fit a whole picnic meal for an outing or take a day drive somewhere and pack breakfast AND lunch and fit everything you need in this one bag. There is a top compartment that is insulated as well for sandwiches or smaller foods that you need to keep cool, such as salads. Because we travel quite often, this bag is going to get a whole lot of use not only for travel but to the zoo and local aquarium, even to the park with our grandchildren. I couldn't be happier about the the incredible quality of this bag.

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I received this as a sample to give my honest and fair opinion.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Soundsoul Aromatherapy Essential oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier (White)

I have a couple of dissusers but this one seems to push out the most mist without interruption. The first one that I had had many interupptions with the mist flow and the second one was light on the mist flow, this one is a steady thick stream so when you add your essential oil you can actually smell it unlike the others. It comes with a night light change color mode you can choose to have this feature on or off while running your aromatherapy mist. I like the sleek cylinder design and the directions are simple and very easy to use. Like most machines you just don't overfill and it's an easy clean machine as well. Never add to many drops of essential oil because you can clog up your small motor, this goes with all diffusers, the motor simply can't handle it.

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Great Christmas gift idea!
I received this as a sample to test and give my honest and fair opinion.

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TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder - 6x24 Laser Range Finder for Hunting with Speed, Scan and Normal measurements (Camo)

I got this for my husband and dad because they love to hunt and golf. They tested it out on the golf range to test distance and speed on golf hits and had a field day with it! They said the accuracy and speed was spot on and even though it was a bit windy, it didn't interfere with the accuracy. The ProWild Rangefinder comes with a pouch and battery, so not running to the hardware store to get it up and going was a bonus, they have everything you need when it arrives at your door. It's weatherproof, so it's not a pansy rangefinder to take hunting or if you do happen to take it golfing and have a downpour. My dad who is a bit elderly said it's very lightweight and he understood the functionality of it without reading any of the directions. It's very easy to use. I can't wait to hear the stories when they get back from hunting after using this! I know it's going to make a huge difference for them in their hunting trips.I know they are looking forward to it now more than ever!

I received this as a sample to give my honest and fair opinion.

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KOVOT Holiday CHEERS and JOY Stemless Wine Glass Set of 2 - 16 Ounces Each

I am such a huge fan of stemless wine glasses but to find them with Christmas engravings was wonderful! They are so colorful and really add that something extra special to your glass for the holidays! The black and red just pops and the red alone really stands out and looks so cheerful and festive! I use my stemless wine glasses for more than just wine, I love the way they look and feel and use them for juice and even water. I also have used them for some light soy egg nog which would look so festive in these Christmas glasses. I think I need a few sets of these to use on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! These would make beautiful gifts as well, my daughter and son in law love to drink wine and since I introduced them to stemless they have also become big fans. These are easy to clean, mild soap and water or pop them in the dishwasher.

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I received these as a sample to give my honest and fair opinion.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sonixx Volume Limited 85dB Childrens / Kids Headphones (Boys)

I got these for my 8 yr old grandson as a Crhistmas gift but had my daughter test them out to see if they would work before wrapping them up first. They fit on her head she is 25 yrs old, so they have great flexibility and the headband is well built, seems as if it can take a lot of wear and tear from a child. The ear pad is thick and cushiony and was very comfortable so a child's ear wouldn't be hurt from a thin pad with plastic poking through somewhere, she said it was very nice. It has a nice long cord so he can move around and dance if he wants to. She said the audio quality was average which was why I chose 4 stars. The color scheme is nice with the two tone blue and yellow, I saw that there was an option for a girl and am considering getting that for my new granddaughter. Overall good quality, happy with this product.

I received these as a sample to test and give my honest and fair opinion.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Svance Portable Bullet Head Design Desktop Premium Stereo Wireless Support Bluetooth Speaker Water Dancing LED Fountain Speakers for Android and IOS Smartphones Tablets MP3 MP4 and Other Devices (Electronics)

This has been a hit with my entire family. My husband even took a video of it to show his friends at work. I think I'm going to really have to keep an eye on it so it doesn't disappear, meaning one of my kids doesn't "borrow" it and it ends up at their house. I prefer music over tv or anything else really, so this is just a little fun entertainment added to that. The water jumps to the beat in perfect sync and the water/light show reminds me of a smaller version of the one in Vegas at the Bellaggio. Yes, I know it's no comparison, but that was the first thing that I thought of when I watched this. Something about water dancing to music is quite relaxing. I would love to have a few of these spread around my entertainment center and have the lights off in the evening. What a beautiful show that would be. The sound quality isn't Bose but I'm happy!

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I received this at a promo discount to give my honest and fair opinion. Grateful for the opportunity.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hemperor Coconut Shea Hemp Moisturizer 18oz

This is a very luxurious cocoonut shea hemp moisturizer that doesn't leave a greasy after feel. It has many all natural ingredients which I appreciate in a moistuizer because I don't really like using a lot of chemicals, I lean towards more natural. Hemp is a great benefit to have in this lotion because it can actually help regenerate new elastin and collagen, this makes skin look younger and more plump. I'm 50, so I need all of the help I can get! Hemp can have a somewhat nutty, earthy scent to it and this product kind of seems to have that telling me they have not skimped on the hemp. This is a large bottle so this should last me for a couple of months with the pump applicator allowing for measured applications. I have severely dry skin on my lower legs and my hands suffer from excessive washing when cooking and cleaning. This has helped to soothe and comfort them from the tightness and dryness. I took a before and after pic. (the first pic is after)

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I received a free sample and this is my honest and fair opinion of this product.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

US Art Supply FLIP-OVER Children's Paint & Drawing Artist Easel with Chalkboard & Dry Erase Board, 3 Large Storage Bins, Paper Roll, Chalk, Chalkboard Eraser & 5 No-Drip Paint Cups

My grandson does not know how to sit still UNLESS he is doing art, then his creativity kicks in and he is transported to another world where he can focus and he can actually listen to what is being said to him. He suffers from OCD and severe ADHD and I knew that this easel was going to be just the thing to help train his focusing skills and listening skills and so far, it's working. This easel has so many wonderful accessories from the chalk board with chalk included, to the drawing board with dry erase and the erasure that was provided as well. The board flips by simply pulling out the black knobs from both sides and then replacing them to keep the board in place. You can create your own art piece with the paper that they provided by using the clips and keeping it attached to your board as you work your masterpiece. There are paint cups that sit in little holders for your various paint colors and down below this are 3 large pouches to store your accessories such as art brushes, pencils, crayons, chalk and more. This is made of real, sturdy wood, not cheap particle board. It took my husband about 20 minutes to put together but it was well worth every moment.

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I received this at a promo discount to review and give my unbiased, honest and fair opinion. Grateful for the opportunity.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Darkiron 852 Stereo On-ear Portable Headphones, Foldable and Adjustable Headset with In-line Microphone and Remote Control

Our house is always busy, always noisy, with a very loud tv on because my husband is partially deaf. I got these because I need to be able to watch/listen to other programs on my laptop when he is watching his shows at certain times and I am just not intersted. I needed something that was "noise cancelling" and these do the job!! You actually have to come up and tap me on the shoulder to get my attention while I am wearing these because I cannot hear any outside sound. Another big bonus is comfort. I have tried a few different headsets and they aren't all made the same, while some may have comfort, they don't keep out sound. Or if they keep out sound, they aren't comfortable. This is the first pair that combines both. I like the adjustable up and down sliding attachment for comfort setting on head/ears I hate when a band is too tight, this is a great idea to give that option for adjustment.

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I received this product at a promo discount to give my unbiased, honest and fair opinion.

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Ashley Black Faceblaster

I recently had the opportunity to review the Ashley Black Faceblaster and I want to share my experience with you. I have the large blaster...