Monday, November 2, 2015

AmaziPro8 Sports Armband + FREE Key Holder - Sporty Armband For iPhone 6 Plus + FREE 5 Downloadable Health Books

My daughter has an iPhone 6 and is an avid gym rat. She loves to work out, probably only misses 1 MAYBE 2 days because of her night class each week where she is earning her Major. She is a special ed teacher and works her behind off. To de-stress she works out as often as possible and this arm band was a great idea for her. She said it was very comfortable, kind of spongy on her arm. No discomfort at all. She loved that it was washable because everyone sweats when they work out, who wants a funky smelling arm band? Her phone fit perfectly into the pouch with her phone case on it. This was what we were wondering in the video when we test it out. We also wondered if the screen would still be sensitive so we were testing that as well. No problems.

Here is the link to check this out for yourself:

I received this free as a promotional item to test and give my unbiased, honest and fair opinion.

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