Monday, November 30, 2015

Car Air Purifier- Wooden Solar Air Purifiers Cleaner with Hepa Filter, Catalytic Activated Carbon Ionizer Oxygen Bar for Car And Indoor

This is very stylish wit hthe wood grain and does a beautiful job of cleaning the air inside of the car. I use the recirc vent on my car but still, I can smell the outside air, especially if I'm parked at a light and someone is smoking a cigarette in the car next to me. This filters all of that and because I keep it directly below my vents I don't smell anything! I keep the fan on high which really doesn't have a loud humming, it's still very quiet even on high and the low setting is almost neglible. It's very simple to set up and all of the parts are provided. Plug in adapter and cord which simply plugs directly into the back of the machine. A blue light turns on and you push once for high fan, again for low fan. We have many summers where we get air quality weather warnings due to local fires in the surrounding areas, many are told to stay inside if they have lung conditions. I have mild asthma but when these fires start up, I need to use my inhaler and I'm hoping this will help me avoid that altogether. We also travel a lot and love California and their air quality is some of the poorest in our Nation. This will really help when we make our yearly trips there.

I received this as a sample to give my honest and fair opinion.

Here is a link to my Amazon review with video:

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