Sunday, November 8, 2015

Darkiron 852 Stereo On-ear Portable Headphones, Foldable and Adjustable Headset with In-line Microphone and Remote Control

Our house is always busy, always noisy, with a very loud tv on because my husband is partially deaf. I got these because I need to be able to watch/listen to other programs on my laptop when he is watching his shows at certain times and I am just not intersted. I needed something that was "noise cancelling" and these do the job!! You actually have to come up and tap me on the shoulder to get my attention while I am wearing these because I cannot hear any outside sound. Another big bonus is comfort. I have tried a few different headsets and they aren't all made the same, while some may have comfort, they don't keep out sound. Or if they keep out sound, they aren't comfortable. This is the first pair that combines both. I like the adjustable up and down sliding attachment for comfort setting on head/ears I hate when a band is too tight, this is a great idea to give that option for adjustment.

Here is the link to check them out for yourself: 

I received this product at a promo discount to give my unbiased, honest and fair opinion.

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