Saturday, December 26, 2015

Truedays Kids Playhouse Adventure Play Tent Indoor Outdoor Tunnel Pool 3 Pieces Set (Ball Is Not Include)

This was my grandson's favorite gift for Christmas this year. He loves Dinotrux and couldn't stop starting at them when he opened them, but when he got this Truedays Kids Playhouse play tent, everything changed! He layed down in the ball pit and loved it! He didn't want to get up at first to check out the rest of it, we had to show him there was a tunnel and more to see. Once he realized there was tunnel he couldn't stop crawling back and forth, his world was complete! We put his favorite new pillow in the big tent part and his sippy cup and life was good! What I really love about this house, is not only the fact that my grandson loves it so much, but I haven't found anything that makes me concerned for him. He crawls right over the side of the ball pit and it collapses down for him and then pops right back into place. If he falls into any part of it, he doens't get hurt, there is nothing hard that pokes out or doesn't give way to his weight. We decided to keep the ball pit open for him to crawl into the hole in the side when he is here and the tunnel, he liked it better that way. My daughter is going to use this for his 2 year birthday party with his toddler friends. I think it's a fantastic idea!

I received this at a discount to give my honest and fair opinion.

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