Thursday, January 28, 2016

Outdoor Patio Furniture Sofa Sectional Wicker 5pc Round Resin Couch Set by Mango Home #Amazon

This is just as beautiful as the picture depicted and that doesn't happen very often. I was excited and anticipating the Patio Furniture arrival so I bought a few throw pillows for this set not realizing how many extra pillows actually came with it, there are 4 extra which are perfect adding to the already added cushion and comfort of the back support. We set this up today and stayed outside on our patio for most of the day enjoying this and we can't find one thing negative to say about it. First of all, the set up was super easy and didn't take me and my husband very long at all once we got it out of the 3 boxes. The resin is pretty lightweight which makes it easy to move and also easy to store for winter months, I appreciate that because I want to be able to stack this neatly in my garage during that time. It has clips that you connect the furniture together with on the bottom so that it doesn't come apart on you while you happen to sit down, you don't want your furniture sliding if it's on a flat surface, this holds it all together. The seat cushions are firm which I really like because if they are too soft, I have to get up and move around, I need a little support, also I noticed they don't lose their shape. My husband is 6ft 220 lbs and after sitting on this for half the day, the cushion he was on popped right back into shape as if he was never on it, I love that! The back support cushions are different, they are soft and you can relax back into them and the extra throw pillows you can put under and arm or head and just kick back, which we both did and stretched out and put our feet up. The resin is waterproof so if there is a quick downpour you don't have to worry about the resin getting damaged. As far as the cushions go, covers are an easy fix for that which we will be getting. The table is the centerpiece of all of this with the glass top for easy clean up and of course, those cold refreshments and/or snacks on a warm day. We can't wait to entertain and show off our new patio set, both me and my husband are incredibly happy with the quality and style of this set by Mango Home.

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I received this at a discount to give my honest and fair opinion. My opinions are my own whether positive or negative. This is my personal experience with this product, others may vary.

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