Monday, February 15, 2016

RELPER Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker 8 LED Light Visual Display Mode Powerful Sound with Build in Microphone for Computers & Smartphones (red) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

First of all, RED is my favorite color but this is a beautiful deep red. I'm an Arizona Cardinal fan, so I buy up red in just about everything I can find. I was actually looking for a speaker that I could use on my back patio that would have nice sound for get togethers and this is it! Our neighbor is always blaring their music when they have get togethers and I love that idea, I had nothing. Well, this settles that issue for me all in one speaker, I don't even need two because the sound range is so significant and even has some colorful lights for presentation and night time added ambiance. It can be used to hook up to your phone, laptop or even an MP3 playlist and you have everything you need right there. The sound quality is better than any bluetooth speaker that I have tried. The BASS is unbelievable! I didn't expect this much sound, clarity and bass to come out of this speaker! I wouldn't call it mini, it's not that small, maybe 7-8 inches, it's a perfect size to carry the quality sound that comes out of it. I fully recommend this RELPER speaker and would give this as a gift to any of my loved ones without hesitation. It was super easy to connect to my phone, the buttons are marked for easy functionality and overall it is very user friendly.

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I did receive this as a sample to test and share my honest and fair opinion. All opinions are my own whether positive or negative. Other experiences may vary.

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