Friday, April 15, 2016

Glacier Rock Garden Fountain - Water Feature with Cascading Waterfall Pools & LED Lighting for Stunning Nighttime Glow. Pump Included - Easy Set Up

Almost 3 feet tall, yet this feels like a much larger piece and really fills a space with such earthy elegance. One of my neighbors has a very, very expensive fountain and walked over to our yard after we set this up and told us how much more he liked ours. First of all, ours has lights, his does not. He said that he has to refill his with water every single day, we do not. His looks like a large vase that water simply pours down the side, ours in comparison looks like it's a natural made elemant, even though it's made from fiberglass and resin, from a distance, it looks exactly like real stone. The sound is incredible. This sounds as if we drove to one of our favorite places in the mountains, called Jemez Springs and just sat down by the springs for a relaxing afternoon. It's louder than your typical water feature, with more of a rushing water sound, as this stands taller and has a variety of bowls that the water cascades into with various falling features. The LED lights are a subtle light blue and give off just enough light, but not too much to make this appear as if it's on spotlight. If you sleep with your windows open at night, it sounds as if you are sleeping near an actual river stream that is busy working it's way over rocks and boulders. It's a wonderful way to fall asleep at night, incredibly relaxing and peaceful especially when you actually live in the suburbs and don't have any water nearby. My husband and I turn off the tv at night and just open our windows if we aren't sitting our porch and listen to our water features. We have a few of them but this one is the loudest and the sound reaches the furthest. It's by far our favorite of all Harmony Fountains.

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I did receive this at a promo discount to test and share my honest and fair opinion. All opinions are my own whether positiver or negative and are not influenced by this promotion. Other experiences may vary.

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  1. This would be beautiful if you put it among some plants or bushes instead of just sticking it out there all by itself :)

    Sarah |

  2. We live in a water conservation area, so we are limited on how much water we can use, therefore we have to zeriscape which means lots of rock and very little use of plants or shrubbery. It's quite frustrating. We love the green and push the boundaries as far as we can. I totally agree with you.

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