Sunday, July 3, 2016

Daisy Bracelet "Magic Garden" Kittuone

I chose the Daisy Bracelet, "Magic Garden" because I love blue and green color hues and feel that they compliment each other more than any other color elements.  It's as if the earth and sky have come together in the woven blue and green cord and become lifelong friends, holding hands and laughing together. It has a golden plate edge which is the golden of the Sunlit sky shining down across the sky and earth tones while the gold makes it's own statement.  The Daisy pops with the red, almost coral color background, but the red doesn't overcome the beauty of the flower or the beautiful Ocean blue color.  Again, blue surrounds the center stone with little pops of blue crystals like drops of water dancing off the waves. The bracelet isn't heavy and the charm doesn't flop around making it uncomfortable.
Overall, this is by far the most colorful standout bracelet piece that I have in my jewelry collection. It is quite a beautiful artistic piece and I love it!

You can find this bracelet and other artistic pieces here:

I did receive this as a promo sample to test and share my honest and fair opinion. All opinions are my own whether positive or negative and are not influenced by this promotion. Other experiences may vary.

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