Monday, October 10, 2016

ANGVNS Zip-up Hoodie Jacket with Zipper Point

I usually get black, when I get a leather or synthetic leather jacket but decided to try something new because everything is mostly black in my closet.

This is a tan with black accent synthetic leather jacket with big gold zipper accents and rounded pull tabs. There are wide angle edges that let you fold the jacket in for different angles and looks depending on how much you zip the jacket up. The higher the jacket is zipped, it gives it a moto edge look, the less it is zipped it appears more like a biker jacket.

There are pockets on both sides of the jacket with zippers as well, so if you just like to keep your hands in your pocket during colder weather, which usually in my case, I do so I keep them open for easy access because I'm always forgetting my gloves. I'm not one who usually keeps their pockets zipped up unless I have something in them that I don't want falling out.

There is a pretty creme colored liner inside of the jacket, it's a satin material, not really meant to keep you warm, this is more for design wear versus warmth.

I think this goes great with a pair of jeans and boots and even a cute scarf. I like that I chose a different color and went out on a limb and made a break from the basic black.

Here is a direct link to the product page:

I did receive this as a promo sample to test and share my unbiased and fair opinion. All opinions are my own whether positive or negative and are not influenced by this promotion. Other experiences may vary.

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