Monday, October 10, 2016


The owner of this blog has not been and will not be provided with payment for her opinion to write reviews regarding the products that have been posted here.

The opinions and thoughts are solely the expression of the owner of the blogs and do not reflect any other opinion.

I was formerly a real estate professional and therein lies my expertise, I do not have experience or expertise in any other area but this and do not profess to have any. My thoughts and opinions with a product are based on my experience with a particular product and if I feel that they are worth sharing then I have taken the time to post them here on my blog for others to see, both and good and bad so they can make a decision for themselves. I am not here to endorse any product, only share my experience. I do not know of any statistics, sales, recalls or other regarding any of these products, again this is only my personal experience with the product, I do not claim to be a professional in relation to each product that I share my opinion about.

If you have questions about a product, please contact the manufacture.


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