Tuesday, October 4, 2016

GDEALER 150 LED Dimmable Copper Wire Starry String Lights with Remote Control and Adapter, Multi-color, 50 Feet, 1 Pack

50ft strand of copper wire LED lights, very colorful because the light bounces and reflects off of the copper strand. You can set this up two different ways. You can either leave the adapter out of the electrical strand and just use them as a regular strand of lights and they will just give off steady light. OR you can plug the adapter into the electrical strand and enabled the remote.
The remote gives you options with the light strand so you can turn the lights on/off from across the room, dim or brighten the lights. You also have the option to change the lights to flashing or strobe type mode or even a fade out mode.
There are 150 LED lights across the 50ft strand so this brings a lot of color to room. This can be used around curtain rods, drape them over a bookcase, weave them through a headboard or even add color to a chandelier by filling the center of it with this copper wire. Because copper doesn't heat up, it won't melt plastic or burn curtains and fabric.
So many great uses for these lights. Make a starry, colorful night filled sky by weaving them through a little girls canopy. Because there is a handy remote, place it on the nightstand for easy on/off nightlight use.

I did receive this at a promo discount to test and share my unbiased and fair opinion. All opinions are my own whether positive or negative and are not influenced by this promotion. Other experiences may vary.

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