Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Homitt Laser Christmas Light Show W/ 11 Modes LED Projecter Waterproof Landscape Spotlights

Give off excellent light against the house at night but needs a bit of a longer cord. The cord is 3 meters which is 9.84 feet, if we want this to reach out to the yard to really give a good broadcast over the house, we need at least a 20-30 foot distance to get it to create a wider expanse. For now, it was only the full length of the cord and covered about a 12-15 expanse on the side of the house. Distance will create smaller speckles of light, but this is what the house will need during the holidays instead of one small spot in one little location.
The light is waterproof so it's safe to bring it outdoors. There are a few combinations to set the light at, you can keep the color either red or green or mix the two, or set them to blink or stay steady on.
There are buttons on the back of the light to change light settings, very user friendly. This also arrives with a stake to set this into the ground so it stays steady in one place and grounded.
Really a great idea for the holidays to light up the house or put more light on yard decorations. Can also be used indoors during parties.
The casing of this laser light show is made of metal, the only plastic is the base and yard stake.
Because we really try to outdo our neighbors and we are so competitive with decorating, this is really going to add to our holiday decor this year!

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