Monday, October 31, 2016

Meaneor Women's Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Pullover Casual Blouse

The fabric of this deep V neck, collared shirt is 60% cotton, 40% poly blend. It's form fitting which is quite flattering if you have a slim or curvy figure.
I paired this over some yoga pants and it was a hit! Black over black is gives a slimming effect and the shirt is long so it covers the top of the hip area and doesn't roll up when you bend.
This is perfect for the cool Fall evenings. I like that this can be worn casual or also used as office wear because it has a collar giving it a professional appearance.
The shirt is easy to care for, wash on cool so it doesn't shrink and tumble dry or lay flat.

The collar might require a little ironing to keep it looking crisp. The stitch lines were all very good and I like the nice long sleeves that are form fitting, yet don't feel like the arms are squeezing me, the give enough room for reaching and moving around.

Here is the link to the shirt on Amazon:

Black goes with everything! Very flattering top!

I did receive this as a sample to test and share my unbiased and fair opinion. Other experiences may vary.

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  1. This black shirt looks so amazing and beautiful too at the same time. Thank you for posting the link as well for us. I will order this real soon.


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