Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Women Nail Grooming Kit, Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set Professional Nail Cutter Manicure Pedicure

I got a manicure/pedicure set that I keep in my car for travel or emergency, you know when you break a nail and need a quick fix? Well the set that I got happened to be from Target and the clippers were dull and didn't work at all! It's pretty frustrating when you have a broken nail and your trying to drive and can't even things out and have to use a file to work a big job like that.
I got this beautiful set off of Amazon Sold by Alisten E-tRon.
It comes in a padded gold case and clips tightly closed so you don't lose anything out of it. On the same token, it opens easily so you don't chip a nail.
This set has literally everything you need for a quick manicure or pedicure to get your fingers or toenails looking great before heading out the door or out of the car if that's where you plan to keep this set. I prefer keeping my emergency set like this in my car as I mentioned.
They even through in a blackhead remover for anyone struggling with blackheads. I don't have that problem, I'm middle aged and way past that.
The only little snafu that I came across was the cuticle trimmer. I have a really nice one that I keep in my night stand and it has thick rubber gripping and you squeeze it to trim your cuticles. This one is all metal and you have to do the opposite. Sort of grip it and move the edges outward to trim your cuticle. The nice part is, that the edges are sharp so they do a great job.
In fact, the clippers are sharp as well, unlike the ones that I got in my other set from target.
Overall ,this is a really nice set, sharp edges that do their job!
Here is the direct link to the kit if your interested.

I did receive this at a promo discount to test and share my honest and fair opinion. All opinions are my own whether positive or negative and are not influenced by the seller's promotion.

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  1. Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set Professional Nail Cutter Kit is best for travellers like me. :) The kit looks fine from the picture view, and i just checked it at the amazon as well.

  2. It's a sturdy little case and the clippers stay snug in the bands.


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