Tuesday, May 30, 2017

IP Camera D603 HD Wifi Wireless Smart Home Camra Day Night Security Surveillance System 720p HD Face Recognition

IP Camera D603 HD Wifi Wireless Smart Home Camra Day Night Security Surveillance System 720p HD Face Recognition, Body Determination, Crying Detection

I got this Camera for my daughter because they have had some recent break ins in the area that she lives in. She was feeling a bit anxious and worried and this camera gave her that feeling of security.
It was easy to set up, she did it herself in fact.
It has an app called 360 Smart Camera that was very easy to set up and pair with the camera. The camera speaks and so does the app with easy set up instructions and a short registration process.
The base is magnetic or you can use a sticky to attach to a different surface if need be as it comes with a 3m sticky. 
Once it is set up you have 110 degree angle to view. You can speak through the camera via the app. It has HD video and very clear sound. You can send invites from the app to others to give them access to your camera. Say if you simply want to use this to watch the dog while you are at work to make sure it isn't getting into mischief this would be a good way to let your spouse or other family members know what's going on. 
You can use this for a baby monitor, security or as mentioned watching a pet while away at work. 
As noted in the listing it has body determination and crying detection, lots of nice added features. 

I did receive this as a sample to test and share my honest and fair opinion. This was fully tested and used to make sure there were not defects. A full and thorough setup and over a week has passed since the setup. The product still works as good as the day it was installed. No problems.

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