Monday, June 26, 2017

Linkwitz K10 Wireless Business Bluetooth 4.1 Headset with Rotatable Mic

Linkwitz K10 Wireless Business Bluetooth 4.1 Headset with Rotatable Mic, Noise Reduction,Storage Case for iPhone,Samsung Galaxy,Android,Tablets and More

This is sold on Amazon by AceLink.

I got this for my husband who travels in state a lot and you are not suppose to use your cell phone except "hands free". Now, my issue was finding something that he would be able to HEAR through the headset because he is partially deaf, so that was a big issue for me/him.
This worked out to be the perfect solution! He said the sound clarity was excellent and he could hear me fine every time that he called or that I called him. User friendly for those of us who hate to read instructions. If you have ever used a hands free device this has the same basic instructions as most others in regards to on/off and volume. 3 different size ear pieces for comfort that can be easily switched out. Charging cords included and the unit charged quickly and without issue.
This is by far the best hands free bluetooth ear device that we have come across. 
Besides, who wants a cradle that will either melt holding onto a vent in their car or continue to drop their phone? We have never been a fan of vent cradles.
This little beauty comes with a hard shell case so he can keep all of the accessories and pieces stored in his work truck without anything getting lost on the floorboard. Seriously, they thought of everything on this one. 
Not only can it be used with phones, but you can connect with your tablet while traveling. Just super convenient. 
I highly recommend this!

Here is a link directly to the product:

I did receive this as a gift to test and share my honest and fair opinion. We have had this for a few weeks now and this device is still working great and holding up to our high expectations.

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