Monday, June 26, 2017

SBLING Platinum-Plated Front Back 2 in 1 Cubic Zirconia

SBLING Platinum-Plated Front Back 2 in 1 Cubic Zirconia Stud and Ear Jacket Earrings (5 cttw)

SBLING sells these beauties on Amazon for a really great price and they look far more expensive then what they sell for. The CZ stones are clear and shimmering with many facets of color gleaming when the light hits it just right. 
I like that there are 2 big stones on each earring, one that hangs under the ear and then, of course, the large CZ that sits glistening on the lobe of the ear.
These are so elegant and beautiful, perfect for a black tie event or high end engagement. I wouldn't wear these with casual wear, they are far too glamorous.
They come in a pretty light teal box that resembles a Tiffany Box. The earrings have a variety of backings for one's choosing. I appreciate the extra attention given to this detail.
The loop that hangs from the bottom of the earring isn't heavy and doesn't pull on my ear, I don't like a heavy earring, it's not becoming either.

Here is the link to the product:

I did receive these as a gift to test and I have had these for a few weeks now to make sure that there are not any flaws or loose stones, or even reactions. So far, I am still very please with these earrings.

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